ISO 14001 Auditor and Certification Services


You need a trusted auditor for your ISO 14001 (Environmental) certification. Choose Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA) for personal, expert assessment services, tailored to your business needs.

ISO 14001 Auditor

As local and global environmental issues bring increasingly restrictive rules affecting air, water and ground pollution, companies are seeking ways to improve their environmental impact. In addition, several major automotive manufactures mandate ISO 14001 certification among suppliers.

SQA offers ISO 14001 certification to manufacturers and service industries worldwide. In addition to conserving vital resources and preventing pollution, companies achieving ISO 14001 certification report:

  • reduced operating costs from improved efficiency and waste reduction
  • reduced risk and environmental liabilities
  • improved health and safety conditions for employees and communities
  • improved government relations
  • enhanced marketing capabilities and corporate image
  • possible reduction of regulatory oversight

An audit performed by SQA resulting in ISO 14001 certification provides your business:

  • A series of common standards that are implemented globally throughout the supply stream.
  • Public recognition for your commitment to a process which produces environmentally sound products or services, providing on-time delivery and meeting customer and consumer expectations.
  • Increased opportunities for new business from customers that require ISO 14001 certification.
  • External, independent validation that your environmental management system conforms to the requirements of ISO 14001.
  • Independent feedback and discussions to foster continual improvement to help your bottom line.

Why choose SQA as your ISO 14001 auditor?

We maintain open communication with you throughout the entire process. We welcome your feedback and discussion in an objective manner.
Our proprietary certification process is designed to provide objective, value-added feedback on your business performance. Our auditors also are required to pass an industry competency test, which ensures you have the most knowledgeable auditors working to help you with the ISO 14001 certification process.

Call SQA today to discuss your ISO 14001 auditor needs. 

If you are already certified for ISO 14001 through another registrar, you can transfer your certification to SQA. To get started, contact us today at 1 (866) 688-0134.