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You need a trusted auditor for your SN 9001 (Snow and Ice Management) certification. Choose Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA) for personal, expert assessment services, tailored to your business needs.


In 2012, Jeanette Preston, president of SQA, assisted executive director of ASCA, Kevin Gilbride, in developing the SN 9001 standard.  Working jointly with the standards committee, they helped steer the development process while implementing and improving the quality management system. 

The Snow and Ice Management Industry is interested in pursuing SN 9001 certification for a myriad of reasons.  The value derived from SN 9001 certification comes from the focus on processes and procedures.  Adherence to these processes and procedures of the quality management system will result in:

  • potentially reduced insurance premiums
  • reduced waste involved with slip-and-fall litigation
  • increased end-user safety and satisfaction
  • enhanced supplier-customer satisfaction
  • more efficient use of labor

What is SN 9001?

SN 9001 is based on the fundamentals and principals of ISO 9001, but tailored for the commercial snow and ice management industry.  SN 9001 institutes guidelines for a quality management system that not only limits exposure to slip-and-fall litigation, but focuses on end customer satisfaction, as well as quality services delivered.

SN 9001 implements both a pre-season inspection and an in-event assessment to ensure conformity to the standard.  Proper implementation of SN 9001 will most certainly result in meeting and exceeding customer expectations and adding value to your customer and business. 

How do I become SN9001 certified?

The 11 Steps for Preparation and Certification

  1. Gain Awareness: Learn about the applicable Management System Standard to develop an understanding of each requirement.
  2. Document the System: Describe the system in writing as required with manuals, procedures and instructions.
  3. Apply for Certification: Select a certification body.  Consider knowledge, experience and personal traits. Remember, Smithers helped develop the standard!
  4. Analyze the Present System: Perform internal audits.
  5. Pre-assess the System: Conduct a “mini-audit” of the system to identify major obstacles.
  6. Modify the Present System: Make any required changes.
  7. Stage 1 Assessment: Third Party Certification Body reviews documentation of policies, procedures, work instructions, forms and readiness of the organization to proceed to measuring the effectiveness.
  8. Stage 2 Assessment: Third Party Certification Body audits the complete system to assess implementation effectiveness of all requirements of the standard.
  9. Make Required Improvements: Correct any non-conformances found during the audit.
  10. Obtain Certification: Announce your certification to the marketplace.
  11. Maintain/Improve the System: Implement continual improvement through surveillance and recertification activities. 

Partner with Smithers Quality Assessments Akron, Ohio

  • Conveniently located in the Midwest to serve your needs
  • Member of Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA)
  • Partnered with ASCA to develop SN9001 Standard
  • Recognized as the Industry leader in SN9001
  • Education and training provided to all ASCA members

SQA is the first registrar to be accredited by ANAB to supply certification to the SN 9001 standard.

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