Since 1969, Smithers has served as a contract research organization for the chemical industry. Smithers provides a comprehensive range of testing for the EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), and the US Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act amended Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), including analytical support, risk assessment, and registration solutions.
Our scientists specialize in applying integrated testing strategies in physical chemistryecotoxicology, and environmental fate. With laboratories in Europe and North America, Smithers supports testing programs for other registrations (e.g. UK-REACH, Canadian New Substance Notification).
Substance Identification and Characterization
Correct and unambiguous identification is essential to confirm substance structure. Smithers employs state-of-the-art spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques to define identity and characterize the overall composition.
Our analytical experts follow a cost-effective approach and will only apply the spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques that are scientifically meaningful and practically possible. Our advanced equipment ensures that we provide quality spectra and chromatograms that are fully interpreted.
Physical-Chemistry Testing
Testing for physico-chemical properties forms the central part of the data package for chemical registrations under REACH and TSCA. Smithers performs physical chemistry testing according to internationally acceptable guidelines (OECD Guidelines, OPPTS). Our chemists work with a team of method developers to obtain consistent, reliable, and accurate data.
Smithers scientists are experienced in working with unstable and highly reactive, poorly water soluble, sorptive, surface active, volatile substances and substances with unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products, or biological materials (UVCB substances).
Smithers performs accelerated and long-term storage studies, either at ambient temperature or at controlled temperatures in an incubator.
Our regulatory team provides a portfolio of studies to help companies navigate through complex procedures to ensure successful registration. We provide client services to support all aspects of dossier preparation, study summaries, QSAR modelling, assessment of read-across approaches, and risk assessment.
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