Smithers can process most polymers. Our test specimen and sample manufacturing equipment is capable of processing common materials such as polyolefins and other commodity polymers such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Smithers also supports processing of many engineering polymers such as polyerster, nylon, polycarbonate and ABS all the way through to the high temperature engineering plastics such as PPS. We also have experience with water soluble polymers and bio-based polymers.

Our core techniques include compounding, extrusion and injection moulding - all peformed by an experienced team of polymer technologists. 

Plastic material manufacturing

We can injection mold test bars on our two injection moulding machines or compression mould plaques on our processes. These samples can then be taken away for testing or we can test them in our UKAS accredited laboratory.

We can also put lines together to produce cast films and sheets. Again, these samples can either be taken away for testing or we can assist as required.

Smithers can also compound the materials prior to shaping so that new additives can be tested.  Ideally, you bring the materials and formulation and we will do the rest but we can source the materials if required.

Rubber material manufacturing

For rubbers we can offer a small lot mixing service as well a cure information and production of simple test shapes.

Materials testing

Our materials testing laboratories are UKAS accredited and can perform a range of physical and chemical tests on plastics and rubbers. The Smithers team of experts can develop a bespoke testing programme to suit your individual requirements, based on material type and intended end-use. 

For guidance with the manufacture of test samples please get in touch with our featured expert.
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