Within the framework there are also specific measures for various material groups; plastics and recycled plastics, ceramics, regenerated cellulose, and active and intelligent materials.
This Framework Regulation covers materials and articles that are:
  • Intended to come into contact with food
  • Already in contact with food
  • Reasonably expected to come into contact with food.
There are numerous applications for food contact materials, from food packaging to manufacturing machinery, conveyor belts to consumer kitchen goods.

All food contact materials covered by harmonised European legislation require a Declaration of Compliance (DoC). This document states that the materials comply with the applicable regulations, providing proof of material safety and food contact compatibility.

EU Food Contact Regulations for Plastics

The requirements for plastic food contact materials are set out in EU Regulation (EC) 10/2011.
National legislation
Some materials – such as paper and board, inks and rubbers – do not have relevant harmonised European regulation, but national regulations may have been created by member states for these materials.

Expert support in proving compliance

We can help you demonstrate compliance with Regulation 1935/2004 through appropriate testing, and provide expert guidance in submitting your documentation to the relevant regulatory bodies.

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