Adhesive bleed is the oozing of adhesive beyond the perimeter of the face material. Adhesive bleed usually associated with heavy coat weight adhesives or adhesives with low temperature flow.

For determining adhesive resistance to shear, test pieces are applied to the specified area of a 'standard' substrate test plate such as float glass, stainless steel or other surface of interest using a rubber covered roller.

Smithers clamp the test plate in a ChemInstruments 8 Bank Shear Tester set at a 2 angle, with a weight (usually 1kg) attached to the free end of the test piece.

The time taken for the test strip to adhesively shear from the test plate is automatically recorded. The tests can be run within a temperature controlled chamber to assess heat resistance.

A version of the shear resistance test machine that we have at SmithersOur shear adhesion tests include:
  • FINAT test method 8, for pressure sensitive labels
  • ASTM D3645, for pressure sensitive tapes
  • PSTC 107 for pressure sensitive tapes.

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