Spot thickness

A digital deadweight micrometer performing a spot thickness test.

The thickness of a sample of plastics film or sheeting can be measured by mechanical scanning using a digital deadweight micrometer. This method is used to look at the thickness uniformity across a film sample.

Smithers is UKAS accredited to BS 2782:6 method 630A.

Smithers also tests in accordance with International standard ISO 4593 and ASTM F 2251.

Gravimetric thickness and yield 

The gravimetric thickness is calculated from measurements of mass, area and density of a sample. It can provide a more accurate determination of the average thickness of a plastic film and is used in particular for measuring the thickness of embossed sheeting.

Plastic film yield is the area per unit mass of a film roll. The film yield determines the number of packs that can be produced from a roll weight.

Smithers can test for gravimetric film thickness and yield in accordance with British standard BS 2782: 631A, International standard ISO 4591 and ASTM D4321.

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