Smithers Enhances Small Batch Mixing Capabilities

Smithers Enhances Small Batch Mixing Capabilities

Published: 4/12/2017

Smithers announced the addition of new lab mixing technology at its Akron Laboratory to better meet clients’ needs for small batch compounding work. The mixer’s intermeshing rotors assist with excellent distributive, dispersive and reactive mixing. With these features, the new mixer is ideal for high viscosity stocks, silica stocks,and specialty rubber goods.

“At Smithers, we pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date technical expertise and testing capabilities, while maintaining the most accurate results available in the marketplace,” said James Popio, Vice President, North America, Smithers. “We are continuously validating and investing in new and improved technologies to ensure that our testing service portfolio remains in line with the needs of our clients. In this case, our clients required greater precision and flexibility for their custom, small batch development.”

Utilizing laboratory-sized mixers allows clients to accurately, and cost-effectively, perform studies on rubber compounding. Mixers aid in new raw material development, new compound development, benchmarking the effect of additives and verifying that switching raw materials will not harm the properties of a compound.

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