Webinar: Medical Device Design Verification for Auto Injectors

Webinar: Medical Device Design Verification for Auto Injectors

Webinar Date: Wednesday 24 July 2019

Design verification testing is used to document and demonstrate that a medical device is fit for purpose by  conforming with its intended design requirements. 

This webinar will include information and expert commentary on:

  • Worked examples related to the performance characteristics of autoinjectors
  • Test types and key standards
  • Method development and validation
  • Sample size determination
  • Dose accuracy - ISO 11608-1
  • Automated functions – ISO 11608-5
  • Current industry trends

Your presenters:

With more than 15 years’ experience in materials testing, Chris manages the Smithers Medical Device Physical Testing laboratory in Shawbury, UK.  

Nikki is a Technical Consultant at Smithers with a broad knowledge of packaging materials and processes, together with over 5 years’ experience in package validation testing.

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