3 Major Stressors Faced by Brake Line Hoses

3 Major Stressors Faced by Brake Line Hoses

The brake line hose is responsible for transferring pressure from the brake pedal to the brake assembly, providing a connection between the driver and the road. The hose must withstand myriad stressors while serving this crucial safety function:

1. Pressure

Any loss of pressure in a single brake line hose results in a loss of pressure throughout the entire system, compromising brake performance and driver safety. There are mechanisms in place to minimize air or fluid loss as quickly as possible, but a single hole or leak can still increase risk. Laboratory testing can help ensure the hose can maintain the appropriate rated working pressure. A complete testing package might include proof pressure testing, burst pressure testing, impulse testing, and vacuum testing. Each test is designed to understand how the hose, crimps, and fittings will hold up under different pressure conditions. 

2. Road bumps

While the tire bears the brunt of any potholes, bumps, and debris encountered on the road, the brake line hose can take a hit too. The hose needs to turn, flex, and absorb the same shock as the tire while in service. In order to withstand these and other impacts, brake line hoses must be constructed from the proper materials to assure durability and safety. The assembly could be exposed to rigorous cold bend, flex fatigue, and vibration testing in a laboratory setting to ensure it will hold up against life on the road.

3. Environmental stressors

Virtually nothing protects the brake line hose from its service environment. The hose will encounter water, road salt, ozone, UV, extreme temperatures, and other stressors that can compromise product performance. These factors can be recreated in a laboratory setting using accelerated conditioning equipment to measure how the brake line hose responds to environmental irritants and degradants throughout the life cycle of the hose.
The expert team at Smithers is highly experienced with brake line and other automotive hoses. Our laboratories in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China offer a wide range of testing capabilities for whole brake line hose assemblies, as well as outer covers, inner covers, reinforcements, and other elements of the assembly. Our engineers can design a custom testing protocol to meet your exact needs or conduct standard tests to ensure product performance. For a list of test capabilities and common standards, click here >

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