Webinar: Introduction to Extractables and Leachables

Webinar: Introduction to Extractables and Leachables

Webinar Ran: 26 March 2020 | Download below

In this one-hour webinar, Smithers experts Michael Creese and Keith Scott provide a beginner’s guide to Extractables and Leachables. 

The webinar covers 

  • Definition of Extractables
  • Definition of Leachables
  • Why we undertake Extractable and Leachable testing
  • Regulations and best practice guidelines
  • Testing techniques
  • Q&A

Your presenters

Michael Creese joined Smithers in 2009 and manages the Extractables and Leachables and Chemical Analysis consultancy team in the UK. He has been working with extractables and leachables for over 11 years for both Biopharmaceuticals and Pharmaceuticals. Michael worked in the validation department for one of the largest Single Use System suppliers and previous to that a petrochemical organization. He has used his expertise to solve the challenges of the assessment of extractables and leachables for Single Use System suppliers and users (bags, tubing, filters, connectors etc.) and Final Container Closure Systems (pMDIs, stoppers, vials, pre-filled syringes, cartridges etc.).

Keith Scott, Senior Project Manager is part of the Smithers’ Extractables and Leachables and chemical analysis consultancy team in the UK. Keith has been working in the area for over 15 years and joined Smithers in 1982. Keith is part of team responsible for the regulatory studies within the sector, which include extractable studies and execution of leachable time point studies.  

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Extractables and leachables facilities and support at Smithers.

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