Bespoke product testing Q&A

Bespoke product testing Q&A

What is bespoke product testing?

Bespoke testing can take several forms from unique test method development for components in serial production, to designing and building testing fixtures and rigs for one-off tests.

Who and what benefits from bespoke testing?

Clients making use of bespoke testing include automotive and aerospace OEM’s and manufacturers, who focus on components such as hoses, tubes, blister packs, equipment button housings and sensors. Other areas that make use of bespoke product testing services include manufacturers of products such as pet and hand warmers for example.

Why is it important? What are the advantages of doing it?

The benefit of testing is that clients can confidently give life cycle predictions as part of their marketing and product guarantees. It is important that test methods are developed and testing is performed on products where finite element modelling may not be easy or cost-effective for clients, and where lifetime prediction can be computer simulated.

The key advantage of this is having confidence in the product and minimising the potential for costly warranty claims having to be made in the future.

How can Smithers help with bespoke product test programs?

Smithers can help by utilizing many years of experience in testing, the calibre of our test engineers and our in-house workshop facilities to manufacture bespoke test fixtures and test rigs to perform testing.

Smithers also internally builds test carts that supply pressure pulsation, positive and negative temperature to fluids such as fuels, oil and coolant and flow rates. By having these test carts built in a modular fashion, we are able to change pump size and fluid reservoirs for example, allowing us to be extremely flexible in our testing approach.

Smithers has the advantage that internally we develop our own programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to run the test carts which is unique in the marketplace and provides us with a wide range of testing parameters.

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