What is AS9120 Certification?

Expanding upon the foundational requirements laid out in ISO 9001 and AS9100, AS9120 is a standard that is specifically designed for organizations that focus on procurement of materials, parts and assemblies within the aerospace industry. This includes companies that acquire products or components and then split them into smaller quantities, including those organizations that coordinate a customer or regulatory controlled process on a product. AS9120 also supports the handling of materials, highlighting the need for controls within the chain of custody, for traceability, and the need for record availability when managing products that relate to aerospace.
AS9120 certification is not meant for businesses that practice design, development or manufacture of aerospace related products that can be found under the AS9100 standard. Similarly AS9120 certification is not meant for businesses that practice maintenance or repair for aerospace related products, that can be found under the AS9110 standard.
Organized and prepared by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), with representation contributing from aviation, space, and defense companies across the world, the AS9120 standard can be utilized at any level of the supply chain and can help facilitate:

  • Improvements in quality outputs
  • Better cost efficiency
  • Increases in delivery performance

Through the reduction of company specific requirements, adoption of best practices, and successful implementation of a strong quality management system, reaching these improvements in your business becomes very likely.

Why Companies Seek AS9120 Certification? 

Most often, an organization seeks AS9120 certification to verify and amplify their internal effectiveness and productivity processes. A well-defined, documented, and implemented process can improve a company’s consistency in output and improve the quality of operational performance. Other common reasons companies pursue AS9120 certification include - gaining opportunities in new areas where it’s required, because of a customer’s request, and to find new ways to lower operational costs.

The Benefits of AS9120 Certification

With AS9120 certification in place, organizations can move toward accomplishing their quality goals and continued improvements. As these initiatives are being discussed and take shape, the following are a few examples of the benefits that can be realized:

  • Increases in efficiency
  • Higher rates of customer satisfaction
  • Streamlined processes and procedures
  • Reduction in risk
  • Reduced costs
  • Improvements in documentation/records

Why Choose Smithers for Your AS9120 Audit?

With a wealth of expertise, experience, and exceptional performance within the aerospace industry, Smithers offers fully trained and highly skilled AS9120 auditors who can deliver you and your team excellent value while going through the audit process.
Our auditors are required to pass industry competency tests, which validates that you're working with a knowledgeable and prepared team who can help you get the most out of an AS9120 audit.
Contact us to learn more about our AS9120 audit and certification services today!

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