The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Lubricants to 2029

Electric vehicles currently have a modest 2% share of the global automotive market; however, the split by country is not as many would expect, with China having more electric vehicles than the rest of the world put together.

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Our exclusive content:

  • Scoring and ranking of the key trends and drivers influencing the uptake of electric vehicles
  • Future outlook on demand for lubricants and other fluids in the automotive industry affected by the transition to electric vehicles
  • Over 100 tables and figures displaying the effect of electric vehicles on the lubricants market for the next 10 years.

What methodology is used? 

The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Lubricants to 2029 is based on extensive industry research, including an in-depth survey of industry stakeholders to score and rank the major electric vehicle trends and their impact on the lubricant market. This is supplemented by a comprehensive programme of secondary research including company reports and market information from across the lubricants and automotive supply chains, providing a unique depth of information and analysis.   

What will you discover? 

  • Comprehensive scoring and ranking of a variety of electric vehicle-related trends based on their forecast impact on lubricants and other fluids in the automotive industry 
  • In-depth analysis of regional differences and scenarios, as well as possible geographic barriers 
  • Calculations of global volumes of automotive lubricants and fluids and an overview of technical changes that may be required 
  • Critical analysis of the key drivers influencing the adoption of electric vehicles, including the effects of legislation, infrastructure, technology, cost and behaviour.   

Who should buy this report? 

  • Electric vehicle component suppliers 
  • Automotive manufacturers 
  • Lubricant raw material suppliers 
  • Lubricant manufacturers 
  • Regulatory and legislative bodies 
  • Industry consultants and analysts. 

Name The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Lubricants to 2029

Date 5/24/2019

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