The Future of Tires in Asia to 2025

The market for tires in Asia is estimated at a volume of 1.3 billion with a value of $97.4 billion in 2020. With a setback in growth forecast in 2020, the tires market is expected to grow overall by 3.6% in volume and 3.8% in value to 2025.

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Our exclusive content:

  • In-depth market forecasts segmented by type, end-use markets across Asia and its leading 13 national markets
  • Comprehensive analysis of key market drivers and trends in the Asian tire market to 2025
  • Analysis of the top five tire markets in Asia.

What will you discover?

  • A complete overview of the tire market in Asia from 2020-25
  • Forecasts on market growth areas over the next five years
  • How Asian markets are changing and the trends and drivers which are driving this change

The Smithers methodology

This report is based on extensive primary and secondary research. Primary research consisted of interviews with targeted interviews with tire manufacturers, tire raw material suppliers and experts drawn from key markets across Asia.
This was supported by secondary research in the form of extensive literature analysis of published data, official government statistics, domestic and international packaging trade organization data, company websites, industry reports, trade press articles, presentations, and attendance at trade events.

About the Author

Henrique Savelsberg is a Senior Market Researcher with over 20 years’ experience in conducting global research studies. Henrique has been working with Smithers for over 10 years, having conducted many tires studies for Smithers, the most recent concerning Autonomous Vehicles and Electric Vehicles and their impact upon tires.

Who should buy this report?

  • Material suppliers
  • Tire equipment suppliers
  • Tire manufacturers
  • Private and public-sector
  • Industry consultants, investors, and analysts.
The Future of Tires in Asia to 2025

Name The Future of Tires in Asia to 2025

Date 5/1/2020

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