This procedure has been designed to provide a standard set of tests to understand individual furniture package / product performance when evaluated against several handling conditions. ISTA 2 Series protocols include components of both the 1 and 3 Series for evaluation.

Test Details

Packages will be subjected to the following tests (in order):

  1. Atmospheric preconditioning at ambient temperature / humidity
  2. Atmospheric conditioning at controlled temperature and humidity levels based on detailed guidelines
  3. Vibration using the random method under dynamic load. The load depends on the package size and design. The vibration spectrum will depend on the distribution channel being used.
  4. Shock testing which can be conducted by drop (varying heights), exception one and two incline impact (varies by package weight) or horizontal impact (varies by package weight).

Types of packaging tested under this method

  • Any type of furniture packaged in individual cases or cartons. 

Please Note: The information outlined above is to be used as reference for ISTA 2C. Please refer to ISTA's website for full details.

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