ISTA 4AB is a web-based software application that generates enhanced simulation test plans. Enhanced simulation is defined as an extension of general simulation, covering all typical distribution hazards in a realistic way, and in addition incorporating one or more elements of focused simulation.  Project 4AB closely ties the tests and sequence to a user defined pattern of distribution, and includes a broad range of current and quantitative information on distribution environment hazards.

Project 4AB covers testing of 12 different package types, 4 handling types and 7 types of load-carrying materials or combinations; any hazard (test) element may be assigned one of three intensities.  The test sequence is tailored to individual situations with usage of up-to-date and specific hard profiles and parameters.

Program operation involves description of product and package, and then creation of a user-defined “Distribution sequence” characterizing the modes, means and details of how the test item is distributed.  Once the sequence is complete; a corresponding laboratory test plan is generated.

Test Details

Requirements may include:

  1. Atmospheric conditioning
  2. Shock and impact
  3. Random vibration
  4. Compression

This method tests all types of packaging.

Please note: The information outlined above is to be used as reference for ISTA 4AB. Please refer to  ISTA's  website for full details.

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